OSHA Compliant Equipment Installation


Alleviate the burden of having to learn-as-you-go that comes with installing your own equipment.


Contracted Installation Solutions To Fit Your Unique Workplace

OSHA Compliant Equipment Installation

Every workplace has its unique challenges when it comes to employee safety and OSHA Compliance. Experience, expertise, and extensive knowledge of industry standards are essential in meeting those challenges.

Our team of well-qualified, experienced installers provide professional installation of OSHA Compliant equipment.

Alleviate the burden of having to learn-as-you-go that comes with setting up your system on your own. SATRA’s Pros understand the best way to configure the equipment and get it installed quickly and properly so there’s no question about your new system’s safety or compliance.

Utilizing the SATRA Pros for your installation will guarantee your company meets OSHA standards.

ProBoard Accredited

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Highly Experienced, Professional Installation


SATRA’s Pros can also provide custom designed systemstraining and equipment that give your employees the highest level of safety and insures OSHA compliance.


Fall Prevention

Work at Heights Safety Equipment
Ladder Cable Fall Systems
Tower Dryer Burner Entry Systems
Train Rail Fall Prevention / Rolling Stock
Custom Designed Fall Prevention System
Rescue from Heights Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safe Bin Entry Equipment
Grain Engulfment Rescue Equipment
ResQue Tubes

3rd Party Evaluations

OSHA Compliant Ladder Audits OSHA Compliant Work at Heights Audit Rescue Team Evaluation Pro Board Accreditation

Emergency Mitigation

Emergency Response
Post Event Response Consulting